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good luck with your video game
Jan 09 2016
welcome to the new year, nine days late. (typical.) i'd meant to post something last month. i even had a draft and everything, but i scrapped it when writing it made me want to cry.

i'm going for the title of most stressed person alive again, and it's awesome to see how hard i can dissociate. [insert strained laughter]

recently, i've tried to be a better friend to people and stuff like that, but mostly it makes me sad because i'm the short end of the wishbone that leaves everyone disappointed.

in other news, i'm going to coachella! i got tickets, but definitely gave up a large chunk of my wallet's contents for them. it should be a good last hurrah, though.

in a similarly music-related vein, late last month i got to see a band that i've liked since the fourth grade and it was great and amazing and wonderful but it also made me so nostalgic... what i'd give for someone to take me back to when i didn't have a care in the world.

a lot of people seem to think i don't care about anything, but i actually have the opposite problem. i care too much about anything and everything, and nothing cares about me.

wow, this is so melodramatic and angsty. why do i even bother? then again, who am i going to offend? my readership of zero people?

i hope i'm in a better mood the next time i write to my favorite imaginary audience.

see you then,
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